The ultimate aim of the Open Credit Network is to network together all the mutual credit networks around the world, to create what we call a “global credit commons”.

The idea being that, whilst people are encouraged to trade locally whenever possible, they will also be able to trade nationally, and internationally in mutual credit if they need.

As the Covid pandemic continues to disrupt economies all over the world we are receiving a lot of interest from people looking for local currencies and mutual credit networks in their own countries. We’re aware of several other mutual credit networks in other countries, but collating information about every network, and keeping the information up to date is a huge task that is best managed by a collaborative effort.

To that effect we have set up a survey form, where anyone can add details of other community and digital currencies and mutual credit networks. The form adds the details to a Gsheet which anyone can view. There are only a few entries so far but, with your help, we hope to build up a useful dataset which we, and anyone else, will be able to use to publish a map and/or a searchable directory which makes it easy for anyone to find their local mutual credit network.

Eventually we aim to encourage the sharing of information in a decentralized way, to ensure data stays up to date, for example by using something like the Murmurations protocol. But until such a protocol is widely used, the centralized structure will have to suffice.

Please help us collate details of more community currency networks by adding details to the survey form – and if you are looking for a local mutual credit network please check the survey results.

Other directories of community currencies and mutual credit networks: