The First Movers

This page lists the first-movers who have signed up as Trading Members of The Open Credit Network and will forever be recognised as the pioneers of the collaborative, non-extractive economy:

  1. Defacto Design
  2. The Open Co-op
  3. LowImpact
  4. Skylark
  5. Huff and Puff Construction Limited
  6. Just Cooperate Limited
  7. Common Resource Ltd
  8. Big Apple Foods Ltd
  9. Eco Action Network CIC
  10. Collaborative Community
  11. BicycleLife
  12. Fanfield Farm
  13. Bristol Grade Ltd
  14. Over the Moon Tents & Events
  15. Red Fox Home Services
  16. Moral I.T. C.I.C
  17. Community & Economic Regeneration Consultants Ltd
  18. KilnerGreen Woodworkers