Become a Trading Member

Join The Open Credit Network as a Trading Member to trade with other businesses using mutual credit.

Any UK business can create a Directory Listing for free to help them find new suppliers and customers. If you have not done so already create your directory listing now, it only takes 60 seconds and, as soon as your listing is approved, you will be able to log in to see automatic suggestions for new suppliers and customers which match your offers and wants.

The Open Credit Network encourages you to trade with other directory members – even with conventional money. If you find another business you want to trade with, you can contact them via the directory by clicking the “Contact this business” button.

Unlocking the benefits of Mutual Credit

Once you have a directory listing you can upgrade your account to become a full Trading Member and unlock the benefits of mutual credit.

When you’re accepted your listing will have the Trading Member badge next to it, so other members know they can trade with you via mutual credit.

There are several benefits to trading with mutual credit, including:

  • Improved cash flow for your business
  • Access to an interest free line of credit
  • Becoming a ‘supplier of choice’ to other businesses in the Network
  • Helping to co-create a more resilient economy – and avoiding using money which is created as interest bearing debt

Joining as a Trading Member requires reading and agreeing to the Membership Agreement, which outlines your responsibilities and the rules of the Network. You will also need to provide a few more details about your company. Once you have signed up, and your application to become a Trading Member has been approved, your Directory Listing will be upgraded and next time you log in you will see a new section on your dashboard entitled ‘Transactions’.

In our Alpha phase it’s free to join and all UK incorporated businesses (i.e. not sole traders) that sign up as Trading Members will be allocated a line of credit – so you can start trading straight away. We’ll send you an email explaining how to trade in mutual credit – and if you have any questions we’re here to help!

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