About the Open Credit Network

The Open Credit Network (OCN) provides a marketplace – a directory and trading platform that allows members to buy and sell from each other without the need for conventional money, banks or interest. Trades are accounted for in mutual credit units – equivalent to pounds, but only used by OCN members.

This is How it Works, and here’s a more in-depth FAQ.

Our purpose is to build a trust-based, democratically-governed UK mutual credit system as a model that can be replicated to catalyse the growth of a global collaborative economy that nourishes people and planet.

Mutual credit is an old idea that has often worked on a local basis. Using the Internet, it’s finally possible to make it really work for businesses everywhere.

Our software is free/open source, and anyone can use it to set up their own local or sectoral network.


Our vision is a global ‘Credit Commons’ – an international network of mutual credit networks which enables trade between anyone, anywhere in the world, using a truly democratic currency, not controlled by the banks.


We aim to enable UK co-ops, social enterprises and small businesses to trade with each other in mutual credit. We want to reach 1% of the UK’s SME turnover in 10 years.


Trust: mutual credit is about building networks of trusted businesses, organisations and individuals.

Co-operation: the OCN is and always will be a co-operative of its members.

Abundance: mutual credit is an antidote to scarce, debt-based, bank-controlled money.

Community: mutual credit is not a means of exchange that can be sucked out of communities and accumulated in the hands of a tiny minority.

Security: mutual credit still works in the case of wider economic collapse.

What you can do

Progress and roadmap

We launched as a co-operative in 2018 after members of the Open Co-op, Lowimpact.org and the Credit Commons Collective met at the Open2018 conference in London. Since then we have:


Open Credit Network - Progress and Roadmap