Open Credit Network announced the launch of our Alpha Network last month.

It runs on code written for OCN, but specifically intended as a test-bed for a more ambitious project enabling all sorts of groups to launch networks that allow inter-trading between members using trust-based accounting – a step towards an economy that isn’t distorted by scarce money and debt-based finance.

We’re really pleased to announce that this software is now available as an open-source project. This codebase will not be developed further (of course, it’s  available for forking and development) – the team is taking the learning from this initial exercise into the development of API-driven back-end code to power more flexible and scalable implementations in future.

“We are pleased to have developed this prototype software for OCN, which has allowed us to test the concept, and has enabled OCN to put a working mutual credit system out there for its UK-based audience,”

said Geoff Turk, the technical lead on the project.

“The next version of the software will provide a solid back-end service on top of which developers can build a flexible front end, enabling them to offer a mutual credit trading system that is customised to their local audience. Like with the first prototype for OCN, the new software will also be released as free and open source software.”

There’s lots more detail – including a link to the roadmap – on the codebase site.

What the alpha software does:

There are four main functions that the mutual credit communication system (MCCS) web application provides:

Directory/Account services:

  1. Manage accounts – create and modify user accounts and related business details
  2. Find businesses – view and search for businesses based on what they sell and need

Mutual Credit Exchange services:

  1. Transfer mutual credits – create and complete/cancel mutual credit (MC) transfers between businesses
  2. Review transfer activity – view pending and completed MC transfers

Users access MCCS through either a desktop or mobile web browser.

You are welcome to play with a demo implementation of the MCCS alpha software; check out the repo for more details

We’re incredibly proud of what the dev team have achieved, and grateful too! If you would like to collaborate, test the software, or sign up as a member of OCN and start trading, please get involved.